Universal Commerce Group

We create the Internet leaders On a global scale We develop ideas for new companies

We are focused on innovations, breakthrough unique business models and consumer experience improvements.

About Us

UCG is a rapidly growing international digital platform that allows for the launching and development of online projects. We know how to make the most out of the diverse experience in entrepreneurship and new products launch.

Our major companies cover the main areas of modern life:

  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Job Search
  • eCommerce
  • Real Estate
  • Automotive
  • Fashion

We constantly increase our potential and use high-tech solutions to deal with clients’ business tasks.

We are continually improving our products and services in order to address key life issues of our favorite clients.

We aim to

  • establish our presence on the Internet and win customer loyalty around the world;
  • enhance consumers’ quality of life by developing online products;
  • explore and implement new services to meet the needs of our clients;
  • become an open international ecosystem for the win-win partnerships.

Our core values

Comfort of users.

We make our services as affordable and user-friendly as possible to exceed the highest expectations of clients.


We are convinced that the only way to gain and retain market leadership is to focus on product development and improvement.

Team work.

If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. We are a team of like-minded, result-oriented people, united by the clear development strategy and long-term goals.

Social responsibility.

We feel our impact on the prosperity of the regions in which our businesses are represented, so we create the most comfortable conditions for our employees, take care of their social security and quality of life.

Management philosophy

We build a culture of trust and mutual understanding. Also, we focus on achieving our goals and use the company's resources effectively.

Structured approach.

We have developed a structured approach to creating and scaling new businesses by implementing standardized processes, with the help of specialized teams and strong set of problem-solving tools.

Functional expertise.

We use our many years of experience in the main functional areas of business: product building, marketing, sales, in-depth analytics and decision making on the basis of Big data. Moreover, we have extensive experience in the e-commerce and finance industry, as well as product launch success stories.

Our principles

Results orientation.

We believe that results born not of words but of deeds. We do not seek excuses, we seek opportunities.


We build the efficient work flow to ensure the maximum return from each action and innovation. We have created a monitoring system, which tracks KPI’s on a daily basis and fixes all inefficient processes.

Constant focus

We focus on the ultimate goal: to determine the most attractive niches, exceed existing players and ensure profit.


It is impossible to jump 99% across an abyss, because in this case 1% means falling down. While making decisions in our area of expertise, everyone is personally responsible for ensuring that the result is 100% achieved. All other options are not acceptable.

Customer orientation.

First of all, we study our clients’ needs and do our best to fulfill their tasks. In this way we make our clients stronger. We try not only to meet, but to exceed their expectations in every way.

Fast pace

We believe that flexibility and rapid decision-making are of paramount importance. We see great potential in the creation and development of online projects in a short time.